Social Event Photo Shoot

Social Event Photo Shoot

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One hour of a photo shoot at a social event.

Hosting an event? I offer a flat hourly fee of $150$/hr for social event photo-shoots. There is no limit on the amount of photos taken, venues shot at, or types of shots taken. For every two hours spent shooting (this excludes time spent traveling from one location to another) I charge an additional third hour for editing.

Therefore, if - for example - you hire me for four hours of shooting, that would be 4 X $150 (for the hours shooting) + 2 X $150 (for  the hours editing), a total of 6 X $150, or a total of $900.

The end product is a digital album of edited shots, all unedited shots, and a month worth of time after the shot to ask for minor edits on specific images stored on any external storage device of your choice OR an online cloud storage.

I'm happy to recommend local vendors for physical copies or photo-albums of the shots, but do not provide them as part of this service.

A 20% deposit is required to book a photo-shoot.