About Me and My Work

About Me

Born and raised in Washington, DC, I'm a professional photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. I exhibit and sell my prints but also work on commission on private photo shoots.

A professional people watcher at heart, I have a PhD in Political Science and am avid coffee shop regular. When I am not trying to understand people through research, reflection, or classic coffee shop conversation, I am out and about with a camera in hand.

I've been fortunate enough to have shown my work in several exhibits in New Orleans and abroad. Two of my favorites being the 4th Annual Loving Day Festival at Antenna in 2013 and the Argentine Instagram Awards Exhibit in Buenos Aires in 2016. My work has also been featured in several print and online publications such as the Times Pycayune, Advocate, and more...

About My Work

My vocation is to capture intimate moments in public spaces. I aim to project a subject's inner landscape to the foreground of my shots in an attempt to reveal them by playing with their relationship to their surrounding environment and vice-versa. All my professional projects flow from this end.

Inspired by Dogma 95, a Danish filmmaking movement based on traditional values of story telling and rules of thematic and technical composition, I self-impose three basic rules to all my artistic shots.

All my shots are (1) done on location without the use of props or staging. Unless commissioned for a private photoshoot, I record people and places as they are. I (2) only shoot with hand-held cameras. I (3) never use special or artificial lighting including flashes; rather I only use the natural light available to me at the time.